Serving NW Arkansas for 45 years and counting. We provide Air Conditioning services, a/c repair, hvac installation, heating services, geothermal & GENERATOR installation and repairs.


Some people say we go the extra mile, but it’s just how we like to do business.  When you expect more, you get more.  It’s that simple.



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Very professional. No pressure estimate. They were able to get our heater running to get us by until we were able to replace our system. When we did get it replaced, they subtracted the service charge from 2 weeks earlier! Our new heating and cooling system is much more efficient now. I strongly recommend Paschal for all your heating and cooling needs.

B. McLaughlin
We hired Paschal to install a backup generator at our brand new vacation home.  The crew was very professional and they had us up and running in no time and we thought we were good for the coming winter.  However the generator had other plans. With only a few hours of run time on it, the generator developed a serious manufacturers defect.  The standard procedure on the warranty would have left us wondering whether we could ever afford to leave our home alone in the winter and the security we had sought in the great expense and purchase of the generator would have been completely gone.  After explaining our concerns, Paschal went to bat for us with both the distributor and the manufacturer and they saw to it that the entire unit was replaced. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate the people at Paschal.  They have saved us hours of worry and stress and we are so glad we picked them for our generator installation.  We will be very glad to have them for any maintenance and service on our geothermal system as well.

B. Wimber
I am very pleased and appreciative of the service, reliability, knowledge, and promptness of the service technician Travis Parker with Paschal Heat, Air, & Geothermal. . It sleeted and snowed the day my heat pump broke and it was 60 degrees in my house already. Travis responded within 30 minutes of my call. It turned out I was in dire need of an updated safer unit since my unit was over 10 years old. The unit was electrically wired with wrong size wire and my condenser was rusted out. My house could have burned. Travis had me on the path of a new unit within the hour.

P. Daniello
Heat was not working. They corrected the problem. They also gave me tips if something similar happened again, so I might be able to correct the problem my self. EXCELLENT customer service!!! I have recommended this company to family and friends ever since...

M. Lewallen
I have used Paschal Heat, Air, & Geothermal for a number of years. They installed a new Lennox Heating and Air System in our home in 2007 and have maintained it ever since. Recently, they removed a 25+ years old supplemental heat unit and replaced it with a Trane High Efficiency Heat Pump/Ductless Mini-Split. Paschal employees are courteous and know their business, and I highly recommend Paschal Heat, Air, & Geothermal to anyone looking for a reliable company to meet their home or business heat and air needs.

M.S. Griscom
I called them because my heat pump had gone out. It was 23 years old, original to the home. It was out of freone. The hvac person was very professional and walked me through everything that was wrong with the heat pump. He found that I had a bad therm-o-disk sequencer causing one heat strip to run all the time. The system was pushing out heat instead of air. It also had a bad refrigerant leak leaking out the freone. Since the system was very old, the evaporator coil was rusted out too. I know that he was right and was not just trying to sale me a new product. I had been told by two other companies and was putting it off. He showed me three (3) different prices ranges for a new heat pump. He was also able to make a temporary repair until the heat pump could be replaced. Since I had another company out before them who had put in 6 lbs of freone, he did not have to do that. He had made the minor repairs. We had air! Everyone from the initial call person to the billing department were all super to work with. I will call them again if I'm ever in need again. I would recommend them to everyone.

G. Woodson
Replaced our entire HVAC system, added a humidifier, cured our heating and cooling dilemma, brought our 110 year old house into the 21st century. Provide routine service to keep everything in perfect order.

T. Yeslow
Replaced heating/cooling system. Prompt professional service with everything explained. Great company and individuals to work with.

W. Money
The people at Paschal are great!  The represent your company in a very positive way.

J. Watanabe
Paschal Heat and Air has always gone out of their way to ensure good service.  All of the employees are knowlegeable and considerate.

D. Shephard
Just wanted to tell you what an OUTSTANDING crew you have (Brant-Technician, Casey-Sales, Zach & Landon-Installation, Allison-Office Manager).   We moved to Northwest Arkansas from Cheyenne, WY in November, 2013.  Had never had a heat pump and didn’t know much about them.   Brant was our first contact with your company in May, 2014 when he came out to do summer maintenance.  In October, 2014 he came out to do winter maintenance and advised the evaporator coils were very rusty and the systems would need to be replaced in the near future.  I contacted your office with the idea that I would get a quote from Paschal and at least two other companies.  Casey looked things over and provided equipment information and recommendations.  He had us sold!!!   Landon and Zach installed the equipment with lots of help from fellow workers on November 11 and 12.  They went above and beyond to make sure things were done right and were most helpful in explaining how everything worked.    You are truly blessed to have these folks working for you.  They are knowledgeable, courteous and conscientious do an excellent job.  Thank you.

J. Watanabe
They originally installed our geothermal system and also maintain the system.  I have used the company for about a year and a half. They are very responsive and came out about 2 hours after calling them out. The staff are very friendly and courteous. They are great at explaining everything to us. It is very easy to get in touch with them and schedule a service.

P. Wilson
I hired the company to replace the AC and furnace units. They also service both units annually. They did a great job. The pricing was very reasonable. The furnace was in the attic through a closet. They had to contract a guy to tear out shelves to get the furnace to where it needed to go and put the shelves back. They were good at explaining everything clearly to me.  The staff are very neat in their work and wear booties in the house. They are a good company and I have not heard anything bad about them in the area. I have had no problem contacting them or scheduling them out when I need. They will respond within a few days and are available for emergency calls.

D. Terrell
I hired the company to work the heating and AC unit. I have been using the company for a few years. The staff have always done a good job. I have not had a problem contacting the company when I need. The pricing is competeive.

B. Strickland
Very good service explained how my system works and very helpful.

D. Poyson
We are very pleased with the system and its installation.

K. Youngblood
I hired the company to install an HVAC system upstairs. They did a good job.

P. Clark
They installed our heating unit and service it each year. I have been using them for about 5 years. One technician came out recently and completed the job in about 15-30 minutes.  They usually send out the same guy. He is very professional and polite. The staff does a great job and does what they say they will. They are good diagnosing issues and remedying any issues. They always do an excellent job and scheduling is very easy. They came out the day after I called for our most recent service.

K. Barker
I hired the company to maintain the heating and AC system. They also took care of our generator once.  They do excellent work. I have used the company for about 4-5 years. They came recommended to us by a neighbor because the company we were using went out of business. I like having a contract with them. Whenever we have any kind of issue with the system they come right out to repair the issue. The same technician, Toby, has been coming out for about 4 years. My sister also works with Toby and really likes his service. I have never had an issue contacting the company or scheduling them out when I need.

E. Bembry
I hired the company to install an AC unit.  It was my first time using them and everything turned out wonderfully. They had the best quote for what they were offering. I had them install the unit in a rental property. The staff were very helpful. I live out of town and I was able to work with them over the phone. It was very easy to contact them and they made scheduling very easy.

J. Horn
I hired the company to come out for a fall checkup on my system. I have an annual service plan with them to come out twice a year and they installed the units.  I have been using the company for at least 5 years. The cost for their service is the same unless the need to do something extra. The staff are very efficient and have done great work. The units have needed minimal up keep. The company is very well run. I have not had an issue scheduling them out when I need a service and their pricing is competitive. They called before coming out to make sure you are home and come out when they say they will.

M. Johnson
The service went great. They completed the installation in a few hours. The technicians were honest and very knowledgeable. They were happy to clearly explain the situation in a way we could understand. They took good care of us. A few months later we had an issue with the unit. It was the day of my daughter’s graduation and we were having about 30 people over. They were very responsive and came right out to repair the issue. They covered the service call fee because we had a few other issues in the past. They went above and beyond for us.

C. Dish
I hired the company to install a geothermal unit and a heating and AC unit in an apartment. Their services have gone great. The staff are efficient and polite. The technicians who installed the unit were very nice. They even put in a light in a closet while they were out. I appreciated the extra effort. They did exactly what they said they would and they are easy to schedule out when we need. They have saved us thousands of dollars with their geothermal unit. I would definitely use them again if I needed and have been very pleased with the company. I would recommend them to anyone.

D. Hughey
I hired the company to install an AC unit. The service went great. They are one of the few contractors we were really pleased with. They were pleasant to deal with.

T. King
I hired the company 2 months ago to repair the furnace for $250. The service went well. One technician came out and completed the job in about a couple hours. He did what he needed to and left. I had no difficulties scheduling the service.

T. Dannenfelser
I have an annual contract for them to service both my furnace and AC. I have been using the company for about 3 years. We always get the same technician and he has become familiar with our system. They are always prompt and professional. They will not suggest unnecessary services and are reasonable. I have not had an issue scheduling them out when I need.

S. Rosenthal
GREAT customer service.  Have recommended them to others!

M. Lewallen
We are very pleased with the whole experience.

R. McComas
Paschal Heat, Air & Geothermal had very dedicated employees.  At this time I would highly recommend them.

E. Jorgensen
Paschal completed replaced my HVAC system with a high efficiency Trane system. This included AC unit, furnace, coil, pads, and some duct work. I was extremely pleased with the quality and professionalism of their work and would highly recommend this company.

M. Murders
Paschal replaced my entire HVAC system. They worked hard, did not take but one lunch break and stayed well over 10 hours. They committed not to leave until the job was completed. Very impressed.

S. Wallis
Paschal Heat, Air & Geothermal was super to deal with.  We can't believe the difference the new unit has made in the comfort of our home.  The installers from Paschal were professional, and they are hard workers!

P. Jones
I just wanted you to know that I was thoroughly satisfied with the service I received Wed. 10/23/14. Your service tech Travis Parker is an exemplary tech in my opinion. He was friendly and very professional from the time he arrived. Before entering my home he put covers over his shoes which impressed me. That was much appreciated. He explained what he was doing and as I watched him check my outside unit he answered any questions I had. You have my recommendation to anyone who asks and any future business I have is yours.

K. Emswiler
Our initial meeting with Casey was great..He was knowledgeable, and made our decision to replace our unit and duct work an easy one. Thanks Casey! He also stayed in constant communication with us regarding all of the details of our new install. The next call was from the installation crew. Ken and Tyler called us every morning to let us know they were on their way and discuss each phase of the replacement. After arriving, Ken and Tyler went right to work with the utmost confidence and professionalism, putting us at ease about the choice we made.( We knew on day one that we were in good hands!) The job lasted 3 days and I have never seen a crew work as hard or as efficiently as Ken and Tyler. They both displayed an impeccable work ethic, with smiles on their faces! You made what could have been a stressful experience, a very pleasant one. You Rock! Thank You from the bottom of our hearts! We would not hesitate to recommend Paschal to all of our friends and family.

B. & B. Asmussen
We got our system replaced last week by ya'll and your folks did well...from Casey to Allison to Ken and his helper, everyone was thorough, professional, polite and competent.  It was a real change of pace to be treated like a customer instead of an afterthought.  Ken and his helper stayed until after 8pm to make sure the system was up and running before they left.   Great job by you and your folks!

L. Watson
Travis came out to give a second opinion on my unit. He was very professional and thorough. I am so grateful for his second opinion. He was honest and gladly answered any questions I had. My husband was at work so I certainly appreciated the phone call he gave me before he headed my way. I was comfortable in knowing he was on his way. Coming from a wife of an automotive technician, I can tell you that the technicians in my eyes are the face of the business. They should be called doctors of mechanics. If someone can break down the info to me where I can understand it, they are amazing at what they do. Travis did that!! He is a great "doctor"!! Thanks Travis!

A. Smith
My husband and I just purchased 2 units and had them installed this past week plus a few days. I wanted to take the time to thank everyone that we worked with for your excellent service. It started with Casey. What set him apart from some of the other bids that we had gotten was he talked about Paschal and the company's expertise in installing these units. Not once did he say one negative thing about the competition. He did not try to build up Paschal by tearing down the others. Also we have a very small attic opening and he did not once complain about it's size nor did he say that parts of the job could not be done due to possible tight spaces. For us it was never all about the cost of the units, it was about confidence in the company to get the job done and done right and Casey laid a wonderful foundation. Also he was the only rep that we talked to that actually left us information on all the units available so that we could look over the brochure and do some research. So thank you Casey!     Next is Landon and Zack. They blew me away with their work ethic. I appreciate so much that they alerted us to the bad floor in our laundry room and did not just put the unit on top of it. They also answered all of our questions and worked tirelessly to get the job done. We knew from the moment they started that our house and the safety of our family was in very good hands! As a mom of four kids I worry about the gas furnace being installed properly and not once did I feel any worry at all with the job these guys were doing. As a homeschooling mom I have to admit that I used this all as a teachable moment. Our laundry area where the gas furnace was being installed also contained our gas water heater which had to be removed in order to put down new flooring. The person we hired to do the flooring said they could also do the water heater, which turned out to be very much untrue. Anyway using the work that Landon and Zack did I taught my kids the importance of doing your very best at any job that you do and to put others needs before your own need to be done quickly or get it done cheaply whatever the case is on that. At the end of the day we felt like the safety of our family was important to all of you at Paschal and it was not something treated lightly. Landon and Zack's work ethic is top notch. They brought things to our attention in other areas that needed to be taken care of that they could simply have turned their back to. We appreciate this more than words can express.  Again thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! May you all be blessed in your lives and your work!

C. Ferguson
Overall experience was great!  They only offered me the options I asked for, which I genuinely appreciate.  I also appreciate that they weren't pushy and let me have the time to make my decision.

A. Webb
Paschal took a very stressful and expensive situation and made it as easy as possible.  We are shocked at how quiet the system is.

R. & D. Mount
Paschal serviced our business air conditioning system when it quit working. We have an annual maintenance program with them and this occurred between scheduled maintenance appts. They arrived on a Saturday and got it fixed and our business back in the swing.

P. Deen
Thank you so much for being such an incredible blessing to our family.  Thank you for going above and beyond last Friday to give us a wonderful, cool home to come back to.  We had a long day at the Children's Hospital and we appreciate all your hard work and effort more than you will know.

The Ternes Family
Paschal replaced my air conditioning unit, including removal of old unit and disposal. Team arrived on time and kept me updated on progress.  When issues arose, they explained options fully so i could make the best decision for our family.  Install went smoothly.  Team cleaned up after themselves so you couldn't even tell they had been here.

R. Corscadden
On one of the first hot/humid weeks of the summer our 12 year old AC unit died.  Called Paschal and they quickly set us up with a new unit and were very professional.   The did not come out with some high pressure sales pitch but instead listened to exactly what I needed and delivered exactly that.  Their service was top notch.

K. Morris
We have always had great service with Paschal. Over the phone and in person. They do whatever they can to fix the problem as quickly as possible. As we are approaching the hottest weekend of the summer, our air conditioner went out. Travis came to our house 30 minutes after the call was made and quickly repaired our air conditioner. He was nice and informative. He went above and beyond the service requirements to ensure we were living comfortably. I highly recommend this company and we thank you Travis.

P. & A. Gisler
Wow, I am really impressed with your company! I made a service call around 4:00 P.M. and the truck pulled up within ten minutes. Brandt was very helpful and went about his business in a very professional manner. He unclogged my condensate line, added some refrigerant and made sure the system was operational before he left. What really impressed me was that there was no charge since the work was performed under warranty. Thank you so much for your prompt service and I will surely recommend your company to all who ask for a heating and air conditioning contractor.

J. Barns
We have finally found the place to call for any service needed for our Trane- Frank came at midnight and quickly diagnosed and repaired our air conditioner due to a bad capacitor. He was extremely professional and top notch. The 24 hour service is so appreciated and it was wonderful to wake up to a very nicely cooled house. Thank you Frank!

C. Harris
Paschal just completed installing a new Trane 5 ton A/C system in my house. From the moment i called to the final installation, all of the work was done with complete precision and clarity. They also mastered the art of following up yet not pestering which i took as a sign of confidence in their work and the service they deliver. The installers called ahead of time to tell me they were on their way and provided me with their progress through out the day. I will continue to recommend this team for all of Heating and Cooling needs. Oscar Martinez

O. Martinez
The 24 hr service rep came out the same day and on a weekend.  I was very pleased with his promptness, professionalism, and efficiency.  The cost was better than expected.  I had to work that day and he prevented me from coming home to a hot house to try to sleep.  I will use them whenever the situation arises again!  I am very pleased.

P. Ramsey
Frank from Paschal Heat, Air & Geothermal changed up the coolant in one of our AC units. It stopped cooling late yesterday evening. So thankful it was not a major repair! If you need A/C or Heating work done- Paschal is a great company to call. We have been their customers for 4 years.

C. Threlkeld
Our usually reliable geothermal system stopped cooling recently. It also happened to be the same day I brought my dog home from surgery at the vet. Paschal juggled their next day schedule, and had someone at my home before noon. The technician was able to bypass the broken part and the house cooled down quickly. Two days later the company called to schedule the installation of the replacement part. All this work was performed during 90+ degree weather, under warranty, at no cost to me. Some companies will keep you waiting for warranty work, figuring "who else are you going to call?" Paschal is not one of those companies. Their products and their people are excellent.

M. Ward
Paschal replaced a newer complete York AC and furnace we purchased from Bella Vista Heating & Air in Sept 2012 that didn't do what the company said it would and i also wrote a report on Angies list  about it back in 2013. It didnt even come close to comfort as we wanted it to. We Froze our butts off in that winter where on days around 25 degress our household would only warm to 69 degrees. It got alot worse as that winter we had some frigid single digit temps. My wife and O tried to get help from the Company but they keep refusing. We had to even take them to court to get our money back. Looking onward... Casey from Paschal came out and did an estimate on what would be needed to heat and cool our home to 75 degrees. He strongly suggested that a 3.5 ton unit would be needed and recomended one of 3 Trane models.   Casey's recomendations were right on .  Our home as never been so nice since they installed it.  in fact today as i am writing this letter our outside temp now is 96 and heat index is 107 ... our home is .. let me check..our thermostat says 73 degress.    Our last winter keep our home at 75 degrees easily. It felt so good to finally to be warm throughout the house when 2014 temps reached down in the single and below zerol. It was a cold winter. Our furnace never struggled and kept our under house warm at 65 degrees and that is not opening the vent all the way. I will admit the electric bill came in high for a few months but worth every dime in confort.  It made it up in spring whereas our electric bill actually was less than the York system because our Trane did not need to run continously.    We also love the quite motor and power saving modes. It is so relaxing sleeping.  At night the AC hardly runs and cools our home to 73 degrees I cant go on enough to say what a wonderful system this is . Tranes are known for reliablity so we'll see.   The Pashal install team really did a nice job. They worked hard and a long nearly 12 hour day that led into the evening. Our furnace is under the house in a crawl space and not an easy location. Since the trane furnace was longer, they struggled to get it in place. They did a clean neat job installing the outside heat pump and also upgraded a breaker box included with the price. In the house hallway ,.they added a return and opened up our return vent leading to the crawlspace to allow more air to travel and keep the noise down. and it does !!.    Well enough said . These guys are advance in knowledge about hvac systems.  If your in need of a new system give them a call and you will be happy you did.   ♪♫♪ Great company  ♪♫♪ *•.¸*•¸★☆☆THANK YOU!☆☆★¸•*¸.•* ♪♫♪★★★★★  5 STARS!!! ♪♫♪

P. Ferda
I had need of repair or replacement and your company sent out Frank to give me a second opinion on what the problems were. I had already had another dealer come earllier in the day and there was a problem with water collecting in the pan which the first repair technician said he removed the water. One of our units started working again but about an hour later Frank came out and then requested Zach and a few hours later Zach showed up. He inspected the units and then went into our attic where the heating units are and came back with pictures of the pan being almost full of water; apparently the water had not been removed a few hours earlier. Zach then had Jason come out and further inspect our system and the two of them went into our attic and removed the water in the pan, cleaned out the hose that removed water from the system and got one of my units operational again. I appreciated this and even though I kept repeating to them that we could wait until next week they insisted on getting a unit working for us; it was after 5 pm and it took them another couple of hours. Zach did an exceptional job of "educating" me concerning my options and also what was wrong with my system. He described the problems we were likely having since too much tonage has been installed in our new home 7 years earlier. I researched online and found him to be 100% credible. I don't know if I will replace the unit this year as we had some other improvements we were planning this summer and the cost of replacing a unit wipes out those other plans. However, I could see myself putting off the other improvements until next year. I don't recall ever having received more professional service from beginning to end. Even the samll details, such as putting covers over their shoes before entering our house, asking me questions and waiting for answers. I could tell he was trying to determine what our needs were and not just trying to sell us a new system. I just wanted to write this and say "thank you" for having such great people with your company. Jim Potts

J. Potts
 Your commitment to your customers for excellence of product and service makes Paschal shine like a major leaguer at a T-Ball game.   First, there was Charley's masterful understatement on the initial visit, "I think we can make it a little better" to all of my complaints and problems about our current central heat and air unit.  HAH!!   Then on "go" day, Sid and Nicholas took the greatest care to minimize the mess they had to make to get those geothermal wells dug in my yard.  I expected much more of a mess and got much less.  How much better can it get than that?   And Joe, there on the final day, a Friday evening, no less, to get the geothermal system up and running.  Time was no factor.  Stay and get it right.   After our experience with Paschal, an expensive undertaking seems cheap in comparison.  Ask me how I know.  Now, where IS that plumber?  He said he would be here last Friday!!   Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a job done masterfully from start to finish, and your complete commitment to customer service.  It makes the world a little bit better place.

M. Hency
Wonderful experience getting our old a/c unit replaced. Techs arrived on time, were professional and courteous, and explained everything thoroughly. Definitely recommend Paschal to everyone!

R. Corscadden
I had some AC trouble and have had Frank come out on multiple occasions. He has been very friendly, helpful, and accommodating. Thank You for your excellent services!

J. Goggans
Paschal put in a heating and air for us about 5 years ago and we are so happy we went with Paschal.  Their service is impeccable and the service men are exceptional.  We had a problem on Sunday evening and they were out in an hour to fix our problem and with this heat, I cannot tell you how happy I was.  I recommend Paschal for all your heating and air needs.

L. Scott
Just wanted to say thank you to JC and Tyler for an extremely professional installation.  Hard work on a hot day with a great attitude, courteous and friendly service.  Very much appreciated and I will be happy to refer others to your company.

R. Kelley
Paschal Heating/Air was recommended by friends and I was really pleased with them.  Customer service was great and instead of a high-pressure sales pitch, they listened to what I needed and gave me several options.  Also glad they use TRANE which has a great reputation.

K. Morris
Called Paschal for estimate Thursday June 5th  Zach came that evening explained in detail everything it would take to replace our old unit and duct work and gave us two estimates & options for the work we needed done. My husband and I discussed and decided to go with the more expensive option because it would be the best for us, we called Zach Friday evening and let him know which option we chose. I have to add here that we had called two other heat & air business for estimates at the same time we called Paschal, one came out and gave us an estimate that was $2000 more than Paschal and said it would take 2 to 3 weeks to do the job and they couldn't start for at least a month, the other one made two appointments but never showed up so when they called the third time I told them I had gone with Paschal. Monday morning June 9th I received call from Paschal saying they would start Tuesday. Ken and several nice men showed up and went to work removing a very large attic fan that needed to come out before they could install our new system, now I must tell you this was a very complicated installation due to the fact we went from floor vents to ceiling vents and our house has had 3 additions since it was originally built and the attic height kept shrinking so it was very difficult to reach some of the areas they needed to get into.  I felt sorry for the difficulty and discomfort this created for Ken and his team but they were great never complaining, at the time they were working it was brutal, very hot and humid. Ken and his team were friendly, considerate, respective of our home making sure the floors were covered, sweeping & cleaning up every day before they left.  Several times heard Ken going over the work that would need to be done to make a problem area work right, believe me that made me feel that we had chosen the right company for the job. It took 5 working days to complete installation and I am surprised it didn't take longer with the conditions & complications they were dealing with.  Ken always took the time to explain if we had questions, we are absolutely 100% satisfied with Ken & his team, the workmanship, service and product we received. I would highly recommend Paschal Heat & Air if you want quality service and workmanship.

S. Pianalto
It's a tough decision when your heat and air must be replaced. Paschal was very professional from start to finish. I am very satisfied with their work and highly recommend them for your next service, whether it's routine maintenance or installation of an entire system.

C. Davis
Prompt service. Excellent work. We have been with Paschal several years. They also installed our generator. We highly recommend this company!!

S. Milligan
Today I had a great experience working with two of your employees.  Zach Rundle and Travis Parker.  They were both professional and personable and took the time to emphasize and demonstrate the importance of customer service, which they stressed as the cornerstone of the business philosophy of Paschal.  Too often, businesses only hear from the customers when there is bad news to report.  I wanted to tell you that you have two really good guys working for you based on what I saw today.     I have not determined yet what I will be doing in replacement of my AC unit, but wanted to extend my compliments on Zach and Travis.   Press on.

B. Lewis
I am very pleased that I called Paschal. I have a Trane A/C-Heating unit that is only 5 years old but failed to cool efficiently last year. I used another A/C company last year but that only patched the problems which resurfaced this year. Travis from Paschal was informative, on time and knowledgeable about diagnosing and remedying the problem. I wish I had called Paschal last year and will remain a Paschal customer in the future.

R. Pease
City inspector came out to inspect our two new AC units that Paschal installed. He said, "those boys do such good work. I've never had a problem with their installs. Even if there's a new city code, they're on top of it."

L. Nielsen
I recently had my spring check-up on my air conditioning unit and the tech that came, Sam Berg, was very knowledgeable and friendly.  He was very thorough and professional.  I would be glad to have him service my heat and air system anytime.  He is definitely an asset to your company.

T. Griffith
We had our 21-year-old air conditioner and furnace replaced with a heat pump. Inefficient duct work was replaced as well. The salesman listened to what we wanted and then spent quite a bit of time up in the attic crawling around and taking pictures.  He also spent time looking at the current unit as well as intake vents and output vents in each room.  He presented several options clearly, diagramming schematics and answering all of our questions knowledgeably.  He  was clear on pricing, and we were pleased there was no pressure to make an immediate decision.  After considering other estimates, we made arrangements for services from Paschal to be performed.  When the installation team of Landon, Sid, Shelton, Nick, Mario, and Amolio arrived the next week, they were extremely professional yet friendly.  They put canvas down where they needed to protect the floor and were diligent about putting booties on every single time they entered the house from the attic access in the garage. They worked hard the entire two days they were here. At the completion of the job, each room was swept up under the vents.   The following were provided in addition to the services agreed upon: Found a propane leak at the tank that we were unaware of. Changed out the single-wall heater flue with a double-wall flue at no charge. Put in a modern breaker at no charge.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           One week later, Joe, a quality control/ inspector came to see how everything was working for us.  He made a few adjustments with the baffles in the attic and told us to call him back over if further adjustments were necessary.

R. Connelly
Very pleased with Paschal. They were prompt, courteous and careful in our home. Everyone we came into contact with knew his or her job well which inspired confidence. So glad Angie's list put me in touch with them.

P. Shambarger
I am very impressed with the professional staff of Paschal Heat, Air & Geothermal. We were very impressed at the start when Casey came and gave us a quote and advice on a new AC. (our old unit was 21 years old) We knew that since we were on propane for heat that our need was in the heat pump area. Casey gave us great advice and prices to what could be done with a Trane AC Heat Pump. (these folks are very concerned with tracking dirt and debris in your house and will put shoes socks on while accessing your house in advice and installation) When it came down to the install which consisted of Trane Heat and Air Heat pump plus our duct work was not up to par to be efficient. We looked in the attic and it was a sloppy job along with poor materials for the our old duct work. Believe me, if they say new duct work, it needs it. I had a hard time with this, but I am a believer now. My concern was that there were two small bedrooms that did not get much heat or air. Casey assured me that due to the duct work, I would NEVER have much air back to those two rooms. Along with an updated AC/Heater it would do better in efficiency and cost savings. The installation went very smooth. The installation team consisted of Landon, Sid, Shelton, Nick, Mario and Amolio. These young men were very considerate and professional in all aspects of the installation. They did it in two days that consisted of pulling the old unit, condenser, and duct work. In the process of this I noticed insulation in my duct work and it was also caked my the vanes of the air handler fan. It was a very inefficient unit. Along with the installation, they noticed the flue of the heater did NOT have the correct pipe installed. This could have started a fire. They put a new one in for NO extra charge. They also put a breaker box in that met the new standards of today. (no charge again) Along with all of this, Landon noticed that my propane tank was leaking gas. I had the propane tank people come out and fixed the line. (I lost no telling what due to that leak $$$$ and safety) The unit runs like a champ and we have air in both of the small bedrooms!!! I am very pleased in all aspects of the sale, advice, and installation. After a few days, Joe came out and asked us if there were any concerns and reinspected the work. Joe gave us some hints of use and also baffled more air to a particular area. What can I say more. One can't go wrong with this company. They hire superior people that had great professional in work and manners. Paschal is the one to call. (they cleaned up any mess and materials)

K. Connelly
Want to say thanks to the Paschal Team. I am more than happy with my XL20 by Train. This machine works as if it has super powers when up against a hot steamy day. You want snow balls from your vents, BOOM you got it. You want to save money monthly, BOOM zone it. But the biggest complement goes to the guys who installed the system. If you want to see the definition of Professional, install a system with Paschal and enjoy the experience!!!

C. Brannon
Just a note to thank you for the efficient service that we received from your company. Today's checkup was done by Sam, who was extremely efficient and professional and done in a timely manner. He arrived on time...a rare virtue these days! You are on my "first call list" should any problems arise.

J. Rivers
Called at 10:30am with an urgent repair ask and Paschal was able to dispatch someone that afternoon. Was SUPER impressed with the speed of Pascals response as well as how knowledgable the technician was onsite.  Sam diagnosed the issue quickly and repaired with the part needed as well as pointing out a couple options to help us with this problem in the future.  No doubt I will call Pascal with my A/C needs in the future!

J. Tomblin
Last night at around midnight, I noticed that my AC unit had been running for a while, but there was little air flow coming from the vents. When I went to look at the coils they were frozen, so I shut the unit off. First thing Saturday morning I called Paschal to see if they could get someone out and take a look at the unit. They asked me if Monday was ok, and I said i would really like to see if you could get a Tech out today.  I was placed on hold, and they were able to fit me in before noon! Kudos 1.I have to say Im always a little leary of service repair technicians, but when Travis From Paschal arrived his professionalism and  demeanor put me at ease. He quickly identfied the issue, and took time to explain what he was doing. He gave me some suggestions on how to make it easier to replace my air filters, b/c I didnt have the hinge return air filter grille, also I learned some tips on how to keep my unit running as efficent as possible. I highly recommend Paschal, And look forward to having them as a HVAC service provider. Keep up the Good work Travis!

R. Lester
I would like to thank you and all your folks for the service you provided in installing my daughter and son-in-law's new HVAC unit.  I was extremely pleased with the experience from the start dealing with Casey on deciding on what was needed and what our options were.  He was very knowledgeable and helpful.  The two young men that did the installation, Joe and Tyler, were the best.  Very professional and courteous.  I am not sure they ever took a breath getting the units installed.  It was heads down and plowing ahead all day.  I have an architectural background and have had a lot of experience with contractors over the years, and I can honestly say I have never had a better experience with any of them.  Please pass my sincere thank you to all of them.  I feel certain we made the right decision with choosing Paschal and really appreciate the time frame in which you were able to get my family the new service.  I look forward to using your name when I am asked for a reference in the future.   Thanks

J. Younkin
We got a quote from them on April 8, 2014. My hubby was home and he said they were very professional and friendly. We got a quote sheet that listed everything they would be doing. We got a couple more quotes, and Paschal seemed to be the best choice. On the day they came to work (April 24), they showed up on time around 8:30 am and got right to work. They laid paper on the floor everywhere they would be walking so nothing would be tracked on the carpet. I got home at 5:30 pm and they were finishing up. They tested everything, and when they found that one of the mini-splits didn't have power, they figured out where  the problem was and corrected it quickly. It had nothing to do with any of their work. They then finished up and left around 6:30 pm. So everyone that reads this will are a fairly new way to heat and cool your home. They hang on your wall, and no duct work is needed. They are supposed to be very energy efficient. Ours use a heat pump. The heat isn't really hot, but it heats a room. The air conditioning is wonderful. We got two mini-splits- one for our bedroom and one for the living room. They're good for smaller homes.  

M. Thomas
We had our first experience today with this outstanding company. What a refreshing change that started with Ally who went above and beyond and answered our call after business hours. Frank was very professional, arrived on time, made a quick assessment and had us fixed up and cooling off in no time. Thank you Paschal Heat and Air!

L. Williams
I wanted to take a few minutes to express my gratitude to Landon, JC, Sheldon, Darrel, Tyler, Allison, and anyone else involved in my install in Fayetteville last week.  Those guys were extremely professional and knowledgeable, not to mention polite, courteous, and kind.  Those guys were at my house for many hours over the course of two days on what even I could tell was an incredibly difficult task.  But never did I sense any of them to be put out by the job.  No complaining from those guys.  They just dug in (literally) and got the job done.  But never did they appear to be in a rush.  Which was particularly encouraging to me.  I don't know anything about the heating and cooling business, but I am more than confident that they did an excellent job just by the fact that they worked steadily the whole time. They communicated to me what needed to be done and they just would not consider doing half the job.  They stayed the course for all those long hours, never seeming to tire, and completed the job.  Nothing but professionalism and pride in their work.  I was told that those that returned on Saturday to finish the job, Landon, Darrel, and Sheldon, volunteered to do so.  That kind of selflessness and teamwork is to be commended.  I give a heartfelt thanks to them.  Also, I want to thank Travis who came first to service my old system.  He gave me the facts about my old system, but never in a sales pitch.  A super friendly guy.  Zach was great, as well.  No high pressure salesmanship; just the facts.  I have nothing but good to say about the Paschal team.  From beginning to end, pure professionals.  The Paschal team should, indeed, be proud of themselves.   Many Thanks

J. Gilbert
We use Paschal for our rental property in Fayetteville and have been using them for many years. The service they provide is top notch and the employees working there really understand the value of customer service. I always recommend them to my friends and family. Great business.

J. Abrams
I want to make sure I review this company on every site that I can. I had nothing but a fantastic, comfortable experience with each one of the personnel that I met / talked to. It began with Toby coming to my home and checking my 24 year old HVAC unit to make sure that it was up to par. Toby was so kind, and let me know that he would be happy to come out regularly to make sure it’s working properly. But he was very honest in saying that it was rare to find a system running for as long as mine had, and that I should consider replacing it. He didn’t push, and was willing to handle whatever I chose to do. I chose to replace it.   Casey’s turn. Casey knows his stuff. He was also shocked that the system was still running. He ran through my options, pricing and was very patient with me. That was a huge decision to make! He did all the measurements the crew would need. As he was working, he told me in detail what he was doing so that I understood. He may have also crinkled his eyebrows when he saw my filter. Oooppss.   The time had come to hang out with the Paschal install crew. Darrell, Willie and Tyler came out at 8:30 am. I let Casey know I wasn’t super comfy having strangers in the house. Casey came out with the crew that morning to make sure I was 100% ok. Again, this company put my comfort first. The guys were great! I never once saw them lose their temper, even though they had every right to. The space was tiny! These poor guys had to dismantle the closet door the unit had to go in. Enter Gary. Gary took time out of his day to swing by and replace the trim and door frame. Looks perfect! There were some other hiccups (not crew related) that caused the project to go late into the evening. I saw nothing but professionalism from these guys. Jay and Casey both came out that evening to help Darrell get things working perfectly. I knew they were all exhausted, but they never showed it. A huge thank you to all those folks! Darrell, Willie, Toby, Tyler, Casey, Jay and Gary. And of course the wonderful ladies in the office who tolerated my many phone calls!

A. White
I recently had Paschal quote and replace my existing geothermal system.  I was impressed right from the start that they do all of the work themselves.  Other contractors I had talked to had to subcontract out portions of the installation, but Paschal has their own drilling/loop installation crew and their own fabrication shop for sheet metal work.  That was important to me as I did not want to get into any situation where someone could say "that is not my part of the job, the other guy has to work on that".  Paschal has full responsibility and does it all.  My old system was very noisy, so they custom made new duct work and quieted the new system down tremendously. Installation started at 8:30 in the morning and they did not finish until midnight to make sure we had a working system before they left.  The installation crew was friendly, polite to me and to each other, competent, and had the same positive attitude at midnight that they had when they first got to our home.  An extra technician even showed up at 8:00 PM to offer additional assistance. I was thrilled with the whole process.   What has impressed me most is the professionalism, competency, and teamwork that seems to be an integral part of Paschal's business philosophy.  They do everything they can to make sure the customer is taken care of.  I have talked to and dealt with eight or ten different people in various parts of the company and they are all wonderful people to deal with.  When I had some questions about the project while we were in the quotation phase the Sales Manager had Charley the owner call me on a Saturday afternoon to answer my questions.  You just get the sense that they really care about what they are doing and try to take good care of their customers.  

L. Kappel
Like everyone else recently, we received an excessive heating bill for the period from early January through early February.  Upon looking into this, we discovered one of our outdoor compressors was not functioning properly, so we called several companies for an estimate for repair or replacement. Not only was Paschal responsive, but unlike the others, they evaluated our individual home needs and based their recommendations upon that evaluation rather than just relying on the square footage of our home.  They then provided us a detailed review of our options and the costs of each to help us make an informed decision.  Since our entire heating and air system was 12 years old with units estimated to have an 8-10 life, we elected to replace our entire upstairs system.  We chose Paschal based on their reputation from neighbors, the costs they quoted, and the warranties not only on parts but also on labor.  Upon setting a date for installation, our downstairs unit went, and Paschal not only helped to select a system for that replacement, but they scrambled to get the materials and added another crew so that both systems could be replaced within one day, thus cutting down on the time we were without heat during installation on what turned out to be a very cold day. What makes Paschal unique besides their thorough evaluation, their quick response time and their ability to add resources to a job is their commitment to service.  They understand that they are a service organization and that their reputation may live or die with how they treat their customers and prospective customers.   They understand that communication is an important part of that service, and every single time they sent someone to our home, they called with an estimated time of arrival and they were always within 5 minutes.  While they were here, they took great care to come through our home with shoe protectors and they were diligent about cleaning up and walking us through the workings of our new system.   And let us not forget that they represent their manufacturer and their reputation as well. We are thoroughly satisfied with our experience with Paschal and would urge others to consider them if ever they are in need of heating or air conditioning!

P. Spencer
Ontime stayed until finished. Late night -no problem with crew. Polite, courteous and efficient.

G. Burney
Ordered and replaced filter grates so we could more easily access filters for replacement/maintenance.  Excellent customer service - Zach made sure to order the correct size grates and Landon did a great job installing them. I appreciate the extra care and attention they paid to the job.

R. & M. Wells
When we sold our home and purchased a townhouse, we knew we would change the existing heating and cooling system as it was very inefficient and we wanted to convert our screened in deck to a sunroom.  We contacted three different companies.  One did not show up twice for the appointment and the second one gave us a low bid and THOUGHT he could do what we were wanting him to do.  When Paschal came, Casey and Zach were very professional.  They took several photos and asked numerous questions to make sure they understood what we were wanting and e-mailed us their bid the next day.  We were very pleased with Landon and Tyler on the installation crew and especially their politeness and making sure we were taken care of.  Jay was very helpful and we appreciated his trips out to make sure we were happy with the system.  We will certainly recommend Paschal to our friends.

J. White
I called Paschal Heat and Air this afternoon to get a third opinion on our furnace that was not working appropriately during below freezing temperatures. Within half an hour a Travis Parker, a Service Technician, was at our house and looking at our unit. Of the three technicians who came out to our house, Travis was the most knowledgeable and polite. He took the time to address our issues, replace our inducer blower, clean our sensors, and walk us through how the system works, while giving us some future tips. He was very honest with our options and did not pressure us like some of the other technicians from competing companies. It is 15 degrees outside and our house is now warm 2 hours after the original call to Paschal Heating and Air. They were also able to repair our unit at a much cheaper price than their competitors quotes.

A. Hoyt
I called Paschal for a Second Opinion.  I had gotten a NWA Deal Piggy coupon for a clean and check from a competitor.  They told me that I needed a new furnance as it was dangerous.   Sam Berg from Paschal came out, was on time and even waited from me to meet him at the house.  He checked my furnance and told me that my furnance was old, and not the most efficient, but I didn't need a new furnance.   He even took the time to fix the rattle in the fan of the furnance.   I asked if I could pay a service fee for his trouble, and he told me there was no charge for a Second Opinion.   I am a raving fan of Paschal Heating and Air. 

L. Abshear
Heat exchanger was bad had Paschal and two other companies come out and give estimates to not only replace heating unit but air conditioning system as well due to the age of both units. Not only was their price one of the lower estimates they were able to start the job the next day because we had no heat. Installers were prompt but professional as well. I asked numerous questions and they never hesitated to explain all of them. Would definitely use again and would recommend to anyone.

R. Schuetzle
I thought that the service specialist Landon and Mike that were here did a great job and were very professional.  Felt great about Casey when he came out to measure everything and took the time to explain what would be the best option for us.  They all took the time to explain everything and appreciated them doing that.  Overall very friendly and professional.  Thank you for a job well done!!

V. Roberts
We awoke to discover that in the middle of a winter storm with 8 inches of snow, terrible roads and 25 degree temperature that our furnace wasn't working. Called Paschal's at 7:10AM and told the answering fellow the problem. The technician called me back at 8:30 and said that he was stuck in the snow and that someone else would get to us and fix the problem that day. Jason called at 1:00 and by 1:45 he arrived. He quickly diagnosed the trouble and corrected it. Heat back on!! We are appreciative of the prompt and professional service that we received. Thank you again.

W. Money
Certainly enjoying our new Trane Heat Pump.  Had a great experience having it installed.  Really great guys, Bryan and Chad did a great job installing it, and Travis, who found the problem on a routine check-up.  I hope it lasts a long time for us.  Thanks so much!

M. & L. Chandler
To all at Paschal Heat and Air who were involved in the installation of our geothermal unit, we want to thank you for your services and commend you on your efficient workers.  Each and every one of your salesmen and service men were the friendliest and most helpful workers we have ever encountered.  They took time to answer all our questions and to keep us up to date on the progress of the job.  We will highly recommend your company and employees to any and everyone who is interested in the geothermal program.  Because of the lovely weather we have been having, we have not been able to test the unit very much, but when we needed it, it was fantastic!

J. Thompson
I started my Geothermal installation using a smaller company who I'd been using for many years to maintain my existing system.  We were doing a big remodel and I was comfortable with the work they'd done for me in the past.  As it turned out, this was a mistake.  I won't go into too many details, but they used subcontractors to install the new ductwork (a job I made them do over) and hired a water well driller from Oklahoma to drill the geothermal wells.  There were problems with the lcoation and construction of the wells.  At this point, I decided the company was in over their heads and I was sure I didn't want to rely on them to correctly finish my installation or provide maintenance in the future.  I fired the old company, then contact Paschal and asked for help.   Paschal responded quickly, sending Charley out to see me.  Charley assessed the work already done, listened patiently to my concerns and reassured me that Paschal could pick up the ball and bring the job to a successful completion, clean up and capping the existing wells and drilling new ones where they should have been in the first place.  I also found it reassuring that Paschal owns all the necessary equipment and has the personnel to do the entire job themselves. Once the new proposal was signed, Charley turned me over to David L. for scheduling.  David was able to fit my job into Paschal's schedule without impacting our general contractor's schedule, and seemed happy to do it! I've dealt with a lot of service providers over the years, and I was really dreading all the head shaking and monaing I expected when I called Paschal to clean up someone else's work.  I was pleasantly surprised when I heard none of that.  Both Charley and David just assessed the existing situation and offered solutions to keep it on track and get it done right.  The system is on now and blowing nice air.  Everyone I've dealt with at Paschal has been friendly, professional and eager to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.  If you have a potential customer in the future who requests a reference, i would be happy to talk with them and give Paschal a positive recommendation.

J. Carney
Let me begin by saying that I believe it would be impossible to rate any service provider in this HVAC industry as having excellent pricing.  Prices these days are simply EXPENSIVE.  With that said, I could have purchased a less expensive unit, but I wanted a much better SEER rating and the technology that I settled on.   My story began with another service provider telling me that my outside unit needed to be replaced.  I was not surprised as I had already completed some troubleshooting myself.  My experience with this other service provider is that I could not get a quote for repair or replacement.  That's where Paschal entered the picture.I called and spoke with Casey on day 2 of my A/C saga.  Casey did not delay and came out the same afternoon that we spoke.  He took time to assess my situation carefully, and on the same visit, he put together a quote and we finalized the deal.     Here is where Paschal really stands out. They could not get the needed equipment in for a few days, so instead of making us swelter, one of their crews came out to get my old unit and installed a temporary loaner.  It looked like it had seen much better days, but it worked!  So while we waited for the arrival and install of the new equipment, we had a cool house.  I've never heard of anyone providing such service.  The install went extremely smooth.  The install team arrived as promised, worked cleanly and efficiently, patiently answered every question that I had and took the time to explain what they were doing.  When they left, the unit was completely installed, the job site clear of all trash and debris, and the unit functioned 100%.  Since the install, the unit has performed flawlessly with the exception that the outdoor thermostat stopped registering for a few days.  It may have been a software glitch with my thermostat. I updated the firmware and the problem no longer exists.  I can say that this system performs much better than my old unit ever did.

P. Biondolillo
These guys ROCK! Paschal was under a time constraint & worked for me (a very demanding new homeowner). All expectations were exceeded. I would highly recommend them to anyone. I had their team swarming my house. They brought the job in on time & within budget as agreed upon. All of their staff was highly knowledgeable, punctual, professional in dress & trustworthy, not to mention owned by Razorback alumni (baseball players). Hire these guys, they are awesome!

L. Miller (Replaced Four Total HVAC Units)
The HVAC technicians were among the hardest working employees I have ever encountered, while remaining courteous and professional throughout the 15 hours it took to complete the job.

M. Murders
Excellent contractor. Sales person was very knowledgeable and did a very good job defining my best options.  Paschal called twice prior to installation to confirm date and time.  I called them once, with an additional request prior to installation and was impressed with their organization and communication.  Installation crew, lead by Jason, were excellent.  Prompt, efficient, clean, ask me about all installation options.  They did an excellent job.  Follow up by David in service was great.  He came out to the house, ran through the settings with me, offered several tips to increase comfort and reduce energy costs.  I was extremely pleased with Paschal and would highly recommend them.

J. Hall
Very professional folks to deal with. I couldn’t be more pleased with the entire encounter.

D. Schultz
Excellent sales staff! Charley was easy to work with.  Installation crew was prompt, friendly and did an excellent job answering all our questions.  Very happy with our experience.  Our HVAC system is working as advertised.  The humidity level stays constant and the temperature does not fluctuate.  The two stage compressor and variable speed blowers work wonderful!

E. Pohl
Very pleased with the AC system performance.  Room are much more even temperature day & night.  Installation was very orderly and professional.   Will recommend Paschal to my family and friends.

O. Miller
We knew that retro fitting our home for ground source heating would be a big project given the limitations of our lot in Bella Vista.  The sales presentation was compelling but research of Paschal was necessary.  After several inquiries to former customers and geothermal experts it became clear to us that if we were to proceed with the project it needed to be with Paschal Corp. A must be complete date was set then weather got in the way after one day of drilling.  The weather delayed the project off and on for two weeks with record setting snow and cold in the region.  These extraordinary delays did not stop Paschal from delivering on their commitment. We just want to say that from the first day that the team arrived to survey the location, we had a high comfort level due mostly to the team's high level of expertise and confidence they exhibited.  Over the course of the installation there were several team members at our home, all of whom conducted themselved with the highest degree of professionalism and customer focus.  Everyone took the time to answer our questions and went out of their way to keep us informed.  This level of customer focus is rare today and most appreciated. Thank you Paschal for providing such a highly competent team.  

R. Corn
The contractor arrived within the hour of our call for service.  The assessed the situation, gave us an estimate for a new unit the next morning and installed a loaner unit that same day.  Excellent service and follow through.  Professional and knowledgeable team.

R. Humphrey
We were most impressed with the Kohler generator and Sam Berg's ability to thoroughly explain all its features. Sam did an excellent job setting it up. The electrician and plumber did very professional work and we are extremely happy with the results. If anyone is contemplating a generator, we would highly recommend the Kohler with Sam and his crew.

W. & J. Rice
When the time came to purchase a new heating & air system, our family was very happy to have the knowledgeable & dedicated people of Paschal Heat, Air and Geothermal help us.  From deciding which system to buy, advice on financing, & a hardworking & courteous installation crew, your company excelled at making this a pleasant & trouble free process.  We will happily recommend Paschal heat, Air & Geothermal to our friends & neighbors.

B. & R. Barger
All of Paschal’s employees were extra nice and very professional.  Everyone knew what they were doing, they are great!  I would refer this company to anyone.

D. Rose (Installed Geothermal Heat and Air System)
You guys rock the house! Last season my AC started warming up & I dreaded having to call someone. Thanks to David, Travis & the courteous office staff that got my house cooled off again & gave me great information on how to keep a healthy, more efficient HVAC System!

B. Prichard
Casey was great to work with.  We went through several iterations of the scope of work.  He was very responsive to my questions and concerns.  Out of the 3 companies we had estimate the job, they were the highest, but they were the most professional.

S. Ray
Paschal is truly the best! They came out for our annual air conditioner service.  We pay for an ESA (where you pay for your annual air conditioner & furnace inspection at the same time).  This is great because it is cheaper to pay at once with the ESA than to pay for each service separately.  Also, when you do this you receive 10% off any parts on repair (should you need it), and priority scheduling.  They are always on time, professional and trustworthy.

N. Claesen
Paschal exceeded expectations, communicated well and fulfilled every aspect of their job and some things that were above it.

W. Britt (Installed Heating and Air System)
The first contact was with a sales staffer who did a great job of explaining my options and writing a detailed quote.  The actual installation went very smoothly, and the crew did a good job of cleaning up behind themselves.  I’m impressed with the professionalism exhibited by the whole Paschal’s team.  They even helped reschedule a city-required inspection of the work completed.

J. Hall (Installed a New Heat Pump Air Conditioning / Heat System)
Every step of the process, from initial sales person contact, to bid, to install, through post-install concerns, was handled with professionalism, courtesy, timeliness, & complete concern for our best interest and their best performance.  It was an entirely satisfactory experience & we couldn’t be more pleased.  All the research we did prior to choosing a company for this project indicated that it was very important to choose a quality installer, perhaps even more important that choosing a brand of equipment.  We chose Paschal because of its good reputation & good reviews & because of the professionalism & presence of the sales representative who called on us.  We also chose Paschal because they sell Trane HVAC systems which in our research were highly rated.  We couldn’t be more pleased.

S. Alexander
We were just leaving on vacation when the AC failed.  We dealt with the Paschal contractor over the phone and unit was installed completely before our return.

A. Shobe
I was listening to KURM and called in asking about dual fuel.  I was impressed to call your company and Charley Boyce called me back and set up a visit.  My wife and I were impressed as he made himself "at home" with us and explained the difference in units and gave us a price without pressure.  He assured me the competitor would not match it and he was right. We decided to go with you becasue we felt more trust in your company. I would like to compliment the two technicians for their professionalism and respect.  They did an EXCELLENT job and answered all our questions and cleaned up after themselves completely.  Also, when the inspector came out, he asked who installed the unit, I told him and he smiled and said he knew there was not going to be any problem with the job.  Again, THANK YOU!

G. Lent

Remodeling and Home Design